The first Kummooyeh seminar for black belts in Germany took place from October 28-30 in Wolfenbuettel. The participants from Germany and the Netherlands took the rare opportunity to train under Grandmaster Hyun Kyoo Jang, President of the World Kummooyeh Federation.

During the three-day seminar, the participants were able to improve their skills in basic techniques, sword forms, sparring, cutting, archery and more. The Grandmaster shared his knowledge about Kummooyeh and went into great detail about the techniques, their backgrounds and practical application. The blackbelts were consistently enthusiastic and were able to greatly improve their skills through the instructions and exercises.

Despite the demanding content, the atmosphere of the seminar was very family-like and comradely, as many of the participants from all over Germany had been training together for many years. Between the teaching units, there was plenty of opportunity for personal exchange and expert talk.
In the course of the formal dinner on Saturday evening, the officials of Kummooyeh Germany presented an overview of the current and future activities of the national association, whereas Grandmaster Jang himself gave an overview of the history of Kummooyeh worldwide.

Moreover, the evening also was the ceremonial setting for two award recognitions: Maik Loehr has passed the master examination by the WKF and was officially confirmed as Kummooyeh Master by receiving the certificate by Grandmaster Jang.

Tim Olbrich received the certificate of presidency of Kummooyeh Germany, issued by the World Kummooyeh Federation, from Grandmaster Jang. He accepted the appointment on behalf of the other officers and members of Kummooyeh Germany.

The thanks of Kummooyeh Germany go to Grandmaster Jang for the exciting and enlightening seminar as well as to Kummooyeh Wolfenbüttel for organizing and hosting the event. We are looking forward to further seminars of the same kind.
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